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"We know the value of training, but we also understand that at times due to budgets, time restrictions, manpower issues, etc. it may be difficult to get away from your work and daily life to attend the training you need. To help you get the training you need and to improve your skills while working around some of the realities of your busy life, we are developing online training that you can take at your leisure from the privacy of you home or office. If you can't come out to our courses, let our courses come to you!"

Cognitive Interviewing

Cognitive Interviewing is one of the most highly researched techniques of investigative interviewing and it has proven to be extremely successful within the field. This training provides investigators with a depth of knowledge about how memory works, the strength and weaknesses of memory, and how to maximize the strengths while minimizing the weaknesses. By doing so, investigators gather significantly more information, and more accurate and reliable information, than from traditional interviewing methods. By understanding how memory works and how information from memory is communicated, investigators will also be able to identify when information does not appear to be coming from memory, and thus may be unreliable or deceptive.

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Our primary purpose is to enhance the investigator's ability to develop rapport, facilitate communication, extract more accurate information, detect deception and obtain the TRUTH from every investigative inquiry.


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