Cognitive Interviewing & Investigative Statement Analysis

How important are good interviewing skills? Well if you figure that most cases are initiated by a complaint from a victim or witness, the information obtained from interviews actually sets the foundation for the investigation. If you don't get accurate and reliable information from the beginning of your case, you will waste time, money and resources. Also, as your case progresses and you follow up with additional witnesses, informants, and potential suspects, information from those interviews directs your investigation. If you get misdirected, again you will waste time, money and resources and even head down the path towards a miscarriage of justice by focusing on the wrong person while the real perpetrator stays free.

To improve your ability to gather information and assess the information for veracity make sure you have the right training behind you which included Cognitive Interviewing & Investigative Statement Analysis. Combining these learnable skills will improve your ability to gather accurate and reliable information from people and to assess the information for truthfulness and deception, and will provide you information to focus and guide your interviews. This course is being held at the Graylyn International Conference Center in Winston-Salem, N.C. October 27th-29th, 2014. For more information on the course or registration information click HERE.       


Our primary purpose is to enhance the investigator's ability to develop rapport, facilitate communication, extract more accurate information, detect deception and obtain the TRUTH from every investigative inquiry.


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