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One of the most critical skills an investigator has is their ability to conduct effective interviews and interrogations, and to assess that information for credibility. Conducting effective and thorough interviews, whether with the victim of a crime, a witness to an event, or with the suspect in a criminal investigation is crucial to effective law enforcement. The Investigative Interviewer Training Series will help you become a highly effective investigative interviewer! Below is a little bit about each of the 4 courses, but click the linked course title for more information on that course. 

This 3-day training program is a comprehensive course on Investigative Statement Analysis utilizing our unique “S.A.I.D. process.” It provides detectives and investigators with the ability to gather and assess information from people and to distinguish between truthfulness and deception within language, whether it’s written such as statements, transcripts, notes and memos, or spoken during interviews, interrogations, and 911 calls, etc.

Cognitive Interviewing is an investigative interviewing technique that provides greater and more accurate recall of information from victims and witnesses of crimes. This 3-Day training course utilizes class instruction, group exercises and individual practice and application of the techniques learned which greatly improves the ability of investigators to conduct effective information-gathering interviews. The unique questioning strategies improve memory and accuracy of recall.  

This 3-Day course is highly interactive and will include a lot of time analyzing statements as we discuss more complex concepts of the analysis of language and thought, and it will provide deeper understanding of what is being said by the individual, whether in a written statement or during an interview. We will also discuss how the words that we use as investigators when communicating can positively or negatively influence the outcome of interviews.

This is a very effective method to gather and assess information from victims, witnesses, informants and suspects in a professional, non-confrontational manner. This program is in alignment with our core values that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, which helps eliminate personal bias and gives people the benefit of the doubt. This helps to prevent contamination of the interview, and it maximizes verbal content from the individual. It is a powerful method of investigative interviewing.

  • If you conduct interviews, gather and assess information from people and are responsible for finding the TRUTH in investigative inquiries, please join me at one or more of these training courses! Also, please forward this email to your contacts who may be interested in attending some of these training courses as well.Thanks!   

Note: Each course can be taken individually ($295 per student) or sign up and take the series of 4 courses ($985 per student). Connecticut POST Credits available.

Location: Holiday Inn Express 120 Laning Street (I-84, Exit 32), Southington, CT 06489

                Note: Advanced Investigative Statement Analysis will be held at the Southington Police Department, 69 Lazy                      Lane, Southington, CT. 06489

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Our primary purpose is to enhance the investigator's ability to develop rapport, facilitate communication, extract more accurate information, detect deception and obtain the TRUTH from every investigative inquiry.


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