The Lie Boat Training Cruise - EZ-Pay!

Starting today through July 31st, we are offering a special opportunity for people planning on registering for the next Lie Boat training cruise, which is a round-trip cruise from Baltimore, MD to the Island of Bermuda! The cruise dates are April 10th-15th, 2016 and the training will certainly bring your interviewing skills and your assessment of truthfulness and deception to the next level!  

  • Here's the deal: Secure your cabin and training before the end of July and you can pay for the training in 4 easy monthly installments of $125. This way you can be assured you will have a seat on the next Lie Boat and you will still have money for Margaritas over the summer!

*This Blog post is the ONLY place that will have this EZ-Pay Link for The Lie Boat!

Contact Jose below to secure your cabin on the cruise:

Jose Diaz
Carnival Cruise Lines | 3655 NW 87th Avenue | Miami, FL 33178
Office: 800-819-3902 Extension 85854
Fax: 305-406-8458
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Click the link below to pay for The Lie Boat training in 4 Easy monthly installments of $125!


Our primary purpose is to enhance the investigator's ability to develop rapport, facilitate communication, extract more accurate information, detect deception and obtain the TRUTH from every investigative inquiry.


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